Greenland devastated by landslides and water surges

A rare tsunami has devastated several towns in western Greenland. Please help now.IMG 1293

Above image: Houses severely damaged by water surge. Photo: Palle Lauritsen

A very rare earthquake hit western Greenland June 17th and set in motion a large scale devastation of the area. The earthquake caused a mountain to collapse into the sea which created gigantic waves that have flooded towns and swept away houses. Four people have lost their lives in this tragedy.

Several hundred townspeople have been evacuated from the area. They are fisherman and hunters whose whole livelihood is now severely threatened, since their houses, boats and tools were lost in the masses of water. Most have had to leave their sled dogs behind as they were evacuated.

Please donate to the victims of Greenland now

This disaster hits an already vulnerable area. The towns affected are remote, and residents already struggle to make a living. Most residents are uninsured and are now left without any means to provide for themselves.

Your donation will be transferred to Greenland Red Cross to finance their efforts to rehouse and equip the families who have been most severely affected by the disaster. Thank you for your help.

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Image showing the colossal landslide that caused the water surges. Photo: Luftgruppe vest.