The word MADAD comes from the Arabic word meaning “helping together”. The RC/RC Movement programme funded by the MADAD Trust Fund implemented from 2017 to 2021 was established to help Syrian refugees and support Syria’s neighboring countries to cope with the pressure caused by the influx of an estimated 6 million refugees from Syria. The programme was implemented in Egypt, Iraq, Jordan, Lebanon and Turkey. Together, the partners have provided support to 2.260.457 people effected by the Syrian crisis.

The programme reinforced an integrated response to the crisis and primarily addressed the long-term resilience needs to enhance self-reliance of Syrian refugees, while easing the pressure on host communities and their administrations in neighboring countries.

Please take a further look at the presentation below to see the results achieved by the RC/RC programme


The programme was a collaboration between 15 Red Cross and Red Cresent Societies: IFRC, Egyptian Red Crescent, French Red Cross, German Red Cross, Iraqi Red Crescent, Jordanite Red Crescent, Lebanese Red Cross, Dutch Red Cross, Norwegian Red Cross, Palestinian Red Crescent, Spanish Red Cross, Swedish Red Cross, Swiss Red Cross, Turkish Red Crescent and was coordinated by Danish Red Cross.

The Trust Fund’s programmes, among others, supported basic education and child protection, vocational training and higher education, economic opportunities and social stability, better access to healthcare, improved water, and wastewater infrastructure, as well as support to resilience, women empowerment and fighting gender-based violence.


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