Join us, as a volunteer at the Red Cross Webshop

Sign up as a volunteer and become a part of our new webshop in Horsens, where we recycle and sell vintage clothes and furniture. The webshop is run by volunteers, who all want to take part in making a social impact and making a difference. The money raised from the webshop helps those most in need, in Denmark as well as abroad. As a volunteer, you’ll become a part of a great community of likeminded people, having a good time while making a difference.

For more info about volunteering, read below.

Ready to sign up? Or wanting to hear more?

Call Bettina Dyhr at 3158 4586 or email

What can I do?

The tasks as a volunteer are up to you, and there is plenty to choose from, for example:

  • Handling and photographing the clothes and items for the webshop
  • Receiving and expediting orders, sending the recycled goods all across the nation
  • Picking special fashionable selections for marketing and SoMe purposes
  • Managing and taking part in live online shopping sessions

Many more assignments and responsibilities are possible. We try to tailor-fit the hours and tasks to your personal preferences.

What are the personal benefits of volunteering?

Well, first of all, you become a part of the Red Cross mission to help those most in need. Assisting our webshop, you will play an important part in securing the much needed funds for various social and humanitarian projects. More personally, the webshop is an opportunity to use and improve your creative, logistic or managing skills. Its a good place to learn and practice, as well as teach others any number of things. And of course, you become a part of a social and caring team, where we get together for the tasks as well as for the fun.

How much time do I need to sign up for?

None. Its entirely up to you how much time and how often you want to take part. Just come by for a tour of the place, and decide for yourself if you want to try on a few shifts. The shifts are usually 3-4 hours, either morning or afternoon shifts. Most of our volunteers come by once or twice weekly, when they find out how easy, meaningful and fun it is to take part.

Recycled goods online

The webshop is based at our recycling facilities in Horsens, In the webshop we sell clothes and furniture.

Used clothes has many advantages, that you don’t get from buying ordinary mass-produced products. It gives you the opportunity to create an individual and unique style and wardrobe, suiting your personality.

The Red Cross webshop is for those wanting to go treasure-hunting in the many unique items, looking for one-of-a-kind outfits and hidden gems. Maybe you’ll find just the thing to complete your existing wardrobe, or maybe you need to refresh your look. Almost anything can be re-found here.

Look how the new webshop is growing

Did you know..

The Danish Red Cross operates around 250 thrift stores with approximately 10.000 volunteers across Denmark, daily collecting, sorting and selling clothes, furniture and housing articles.


I have always engaged in volunteer activities, but I needed to find a place that fit my routines and work-schedule. Here, I can come after work or in the evenings. Its fun, also because all my clothes are recycled anyway, and at the webshop you get to pick the outfits before they get sold online. Louise, volunteer at the Red Cross Webshop.

Josephine, volunteer at the Red Cross webshop