What we do in the Asylum Department

Red Cross is there for asylum seekers during the application period. Right from the first days in the initial reception centre at Sandholm until the day where they are granted asylum or are rejected. We have residence centres om Zealand, in Central Jutland and on Bornholm.

The division of roles is clear. Red Cross is in charge of the humanitarian and practical work associated with giving asylum seekers a safe and meaningful everyday life, while they wait for a resolution to their asylum case. The case management itself rests with the Danish National Police, the Danish Immigration Service and the Danish Refugee Appeals Board.

The situation of asylum seekers places special demands on the asylum centres

Asylum seekers are in a very special situation. Typically, wars and conflicts have forced them to leave their homes, and through their asylum application they hope to find protection and a future in Denmark. They are at a difficult time in their lives where the future is uncertain. Asylum seekers have no CPR number or medical insurance card, and thus do not have access to the welfare benefits that all other citizens have. This places special demands on the asylum centres.

In Red Cross, we do everything we can to ensure that asylum seekers can live as normal lives as possible while they wait. The vast majority of asylum seekers wish to be active and look after themselves and their families, and the work in the asylum centres is therefore about creating a framework for a good and active everyday life, which will strengthen their courage for the future.

Everyone hopes to be granted asylum in Denmark, but many will be disappointed. Asylum cases are complex and the outcome is uncertain – it is therefore important that asylum seekers are given support in reflecting on their future, even though it is unknown. It is also important that they are given the opportunity to develop and maintain their competences. Asylum seekers need these, whether or not the next challenge will be integration into a Danish municipality or the re-establishment of daily life in their native country.

Reception of asylum seekers

One of the most important humanitarian tasks for Red Cross is to receive refugees seeking asylum. In Denmark, the reception takes place in the Sandholm Centre.