Together we are present before, during and after disasters 

DSV and Danish Red Cross has joined forces because we want to focus on prevention and adaption to climate change as well as better preparedness for disasters. DSV is committed to give back to the communities in which they work and belief in local empowerment which matches The Red Cross Movements’ worldwide presence and expertise in disaster preparedness and response. We will be present before, during and after disasters both in the COVID 19 Pandemic and climate change disasters. We provide help before it’s too late, no matter where in the world we’re needed. 

We combine logistical and disaster relief competencies 

DSV provides Danish Red Cross’ warehouse for Disaster equipment. The warehouse is vital for Red Cross’ ability to respond quickly to disaster anywhere in the world.

Danish Red Cross'  expertise in disaster response work and DSV’s logistical competencies is essential to respond quickly to disaster anywhere in the world. Through innovative methods and our joint local engagement we will reduce the personal costs and destruction and on long term strengthen resilience to future disasters. Our shared focus on disaster relief and always being prepared is the core of our partnership. Together we will be prepared for disasters and effectively respond to disasters around the world.


Jesper Ranch

Jesper Ranch, Disaster coordinator, has packed our emergency equipment and is ready to implement our Emergency Operation Center I Goma, Congo.   

COVID 19 Response 

DSV supports our COVID 19 response in the most vulnerable communities around the world and COVID-19 Vaccines Global ACCESS (COVAX), which is a global initiative aimed at equitable access to COVID-19 vaccines led by the Global Alliance for Vaccines and Immunization, the World Health Organization, the Coalition for Epidemic Preparedness Innovation and others.

We have received 15 million excess face masks from Danish companies and DSV help us to distribute the face mask around the world where needed the most. During the summer 2021 DSV transported face masks to Bangladesh, Iraq, Belarus and Mali´. DSV is a strong logistical partner, who can ensure the connection between the Red Cross and the world.

Forecast based action

Our shared focus on climate change

Climate change is already a humanitarian crisis with major consequences. Climate change is creating more and more catastrophic disasters and is already now affecting the most vulnerable populations and natural disasters such as flooding, or drought are increasing around the world. We all feel the consequences of climate change, but the extend of the consequences depends on where in the world you are and your ability to withstand the changes. Together we want to take responsibility to improve the living conditions for the most vulnerable people affected by climate change.

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