Anam makes pastries to stay happy

Madad Iraq pastry Anam
“If I can collect enough cash, I want to make my own pastry factory. That’s my dream,” says Anam. She is internally displaced in Iraq. ​​​​​Photos: Rikke Østergård

After the vocational training Anam hopes she can one day start her own pastry factory.

Anam Qasoo is 20 years old and internally displaced in Iraq. She and her family is from the city of Sinjar, which they fled in 2014. She currently lives with her grandfather in Dohuk.

At first the family fled to a village where they really struggled economically. Anam got a job selling sweets and cakes to support the family. She really loves working with sweets. It has always been her dream.

“When I was a little girl, I saw the sweets in the bazar. I really wanted them. But we couldn’t afford them. So my dream is to make and sell them, and then give the profits to people who are in need,” sahe says.Madad Irak cake kage Anam

She has been accepted into the vocational training focused on pastry making.

More fun than expected

“I really love the training. It is even more fun than I expected. We are making cakes, biscuits, even juice and slush-ice. And I am so surprised with the good results.”

And socially, the training has done a lot for her as well:

“I am making a lot of good friends here. They are like sisters to me,” she says about the other women in the workshop.

Anam really hopes that her dream comes true.

“If I can collect enough cash, I want to make my own pastry factory. That’s my dream.”

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