Ready to Act



The 2022 – 2025 International Strategy for the Danish Red Cross: Read to Act sets the overall direction and priorities for how we will work with people, communities, and partners towards positive change.

The strategy identifies three key changes – breakthroughs – which if achieved can positively transform the lives of the people we work with and for. The breakthroughs are ambitious, but achievable if we cooperate with others and galvanise broad support. To deliver towards these breakthroughs, the Danish Red Cross will work through a number a key strategic initiatives identified as the most pertinent for the Danish Red Cross to prioritise.

In some areas, our ambition is to be among those who lead, while in others, we will provide substantial contributions as an active and reliable partner. We will leverage our presence on the ground and draw on the knowledge and experience we have gained from partnerships with local actors, concentrating our efforts in East and West Africa, the Middle East and selected countries in Asia and Europe.

Download the strategy here