We are aware that there have been some constraints downloading documents when accessing the International Platform through Citrix.

There are a number of ways to access the International portal when you are outside DRC HQ:

  • Through your webbrowser and Citrix:
  • As an alternative, you can access documents more easily by installing a so called Citrix Receiver. See installation Guide 2 in this document.
  • In case you are directly connected to DRC HQ network (also applicable when you connect via VPN software on your laptop, see VPN installation Guide 1 below), point your browser to: http://drk-international/default.aspx
  • Finally the IT department is currently working on restoring the “old” access method (directly through your own internet browser and username/password) in the future.


Guide 1: How to login to DRC HQ Via VPN and access DRK-International files

Connect via VPN:

(A laptop that was issued by Danish Red Cross IT staff in HQ is a requirement for accessing via VPN)

The Cisco AnyConnect software should be installed and configured on such a laptop.

If not contact

Start the VPN application, the software is called Cisco AnyConnect, once you start it you should enter (as picture below, if not already entered) and click "Connect"
You will then be prompted for username and password (username: xxxxx and password)


See the icon when you connect successfully through VPN (see red circle around application in Notification area, closed padlock):

1 (1)

When successfully connected you should be able to access  http://drk-international/default.aspx
via your default internet browser.

If you are being prompted for a password:

 1 (2)

Click “Use another account” and enter drk\xxxxx (where xxxxx is your username) and your password, then you should be able to access the portal.


Guide 2: Installation of Citrix Receiver client in order to print direkte to local printer

Install Citrix Receiver klient by pointing your internet browser to:


Installation guide below:

1) click above link

2) Choose "Download receiver 4.6 for Windows" in order to download the software.

1 (3) 

1 (4)

Click ”Save file”


3) Once the program is downloaded Click ”run”

4) If asked, allow installation to run

5) When it says "Welcome to Citrix Receiver" click “Start”1 (5)


6) In order to proceed accept ”license agreement”

1 (6) 


7) In the picture below tick "Enable Single Sign-on".

1 (7) 


8) When software has finished installation it says "Installation successful" -> click "Finish"

 1 (8) 


9) you now have a new program called “Citrix Receiver”

This will be your new point of entry to the Citrix server.

Enter your User name and Password:

1 (9)

In  ”webadresse” fill in:

or your red cross emailaddress


10) In order to log on to Citrix, you start the Citrix Receiver software and start your applications as when logging in through the Internet browser.