Partnering to save lives and improve patient care

In collaboration, Ambu and the Danish Red Cross – together with the Red Cross and Red Crescent Movement – work to enhance access to healthcare services and first aid for vulnerable populations.

Saving lives and preventing health disasters for the most vulnerable

Adequate health and well-being and the right to security in the event of illness are part of the human rights (article 25). Yet still, according to the WHO and the World Bank, half of the world’s population lacks access to essential healthcare services.

Since Ambu’s foundation, the company’s mission has been to advance health care and care for the world – be it through their medical products, or in this case, through helping those in need.

In our collaboration, through our aid and work to engage local communities, the goal is to build resistance of local communities, increase infection control, secure access to basic healthcare, and ultimately, to save lives.


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Partner activities

Ambu is proud to take part in this year’s annual Danish Red Cross national collection, which takes place on Sunday the 3rd of October. This year’s collection supports, amongst other things, children affected by war in Afghanistan, Syria and Yemen, who are in desperate need of medical care, essentials such as food and water, and protection. The Danish Red Cross works tirelessly in these areas to aid the children, and every Danish Krone collected by Team Ambu will make a difference. 


Christmas in Ambu

Ambu has joined Red Cross' Christmas mission and give their employees the opportunity to donate their company Christmas presents to Red Cross' Christmas Aid to vulnerable children and their families. In Denmark, many children are excluded from the traditions, we share. With Christmas Aid we give children the opportunity to experience the joy of Christmas Evening. 


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