The Danida Frame Application

In January 2017 the Danish Parliament approved a new strategy for Denmark’s international development and humanitarian engagement  presenting four strategic points of orientation; Security and development; Migration and development; Inclusive, sustainable growth and development, and freedom and development. Following this decision, the Danish Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MFA) will enter into more strategic partnerships with a selected number of Danish NGOs from 2018 and onwards. Hence, the existing Development and Humanitarian Framework application processes have been replaced with a new application process including both development and humanitarian interventions and funding. The new Strategic Partnership application will cover the period 2018-2021 and have substantial impact on future cooperation with and financial support from the MFA. 

Based on an initial round of expression of interest, 17 organizations have been invited to submit an application and the MFA will enter into an expected maximum of 14 strategic partnerships. The applicants are divided under three  lots: CIV- civil society development (16 org.), HUM- humanitarian action (10 org.) and LAB- Labor market and private sector framework conditions (1 consortia). DRC will apply for the CIV and HUM lots and has been invited to apply for a maximum amount of 184,4 million DKK. However, the total amount the organizations have been invited to apply for is 0,5 billion DKK above the total funds available (1 billion DKK). Combined with the fact that the competition is high and the space is crowded with a number of traditional development organizations also applying for humanitarian funding, it is unlikely that the DRC will be granted the total amount applied for. MFA will determine the budget allocation  based on assessed relevance of the proposed strategic partnership and quality of the application including an assessment of  both the organizational capacity of the DRC, Theory of Change for all proposed country programmes and our plans and track record within a number of selected priority assessment criteria for MFA such as local partnerships and capacity building, engagement of the private sector and Danish resource base, coordination and coherence, global connectedness, advocacy, human rights based approach,  innovation and popular engagement. The selection of countries for the application has been more focused which means that Malawi, Liberia, Rwanda and Togo in the future will be funded by other sources as these are not part of MFA priority countries. Two regional migration programs in West and East Africa have been included. The full country overview can be seen in the figure below.

The final results and decisions on the strategic partnerships and funding allocation is expected on June 30th and will be shared as soon as possible.  Big thanks to all who have contributed to the development of the application.  

Questions can be directed to Anne- Sofie Munk


Overview of the countries included in DRCs Strategic Partnership application: