New Humanitarian SOP's

To facilitate humanitarian responses, Standard Operational Procedures (SOP) and guidelines for multi- and bilateral humanitarian activities are now in place together with a more structured approach to the division of roles and responsibilities. The SOPs for humanitarian projects refers to all projects with bilateral and/or multilateral interventions related to acute humanitarian responses to crises and disasters between 0-12 month duration and up to 3 million DKK – regardless of funding source (Danida, ECHO, KF, other donors and collected funds). Projects related to protracted crisis under the Danida Strategic Partnership falls under the general procedures. The humanitarian SOPs follow the project cycle steps of Preparation and Initiation; Implementation; and Completion and Closing. Each project cycle step has ‘standard operating procedures’ and the ‘tool box’ contain the required formats to be used.

At the same time a new structure for humanitarian interventions and projects has been introduced. One key change is the appointment of an Operations Coordinator for each humanitarian intervention/project. The Operations Coordinator is there to support and take the pressure of the affected country office enhancing a smooth implementation of the humanitarian operation. The Operations Coordinator is the “go to” person at HQ - the one responsible for all HQ work and coordination, e.g. facilitate contact with fundraising, press, finance and HR.

It is still the Head of Disaster Management who makes the decision about whether or not to initiate a humanitarian intervention or project (bilateral as well as multilateral). This is based on an Emergency Request, which function as the decision document for all humanitarian interventions and projects.

The Humanitarian SOPs and guidelines have been uploaded on the International Platform under a new heading: Project Management Guide. To accommodate the humanitarian SOPs, the Project Management Guide has been changed so under each of the three project cycle steps, SOPs can be found for four types of projects: General; Humanitarian; ECHO; and EuropeAid. Partnership procedures has at the same time been given its own heading.

To ensure that the Humanitarian SOPs are well known and understood across the operation two webinars has been held. If you did not manage to join one of the webinars, they have been recorded and can be found on the International Platform.

It is the aim that the humanitarian SOPs and guidelines will ensure a more effective, systematic and clear working procedure during humanitarian interventions and projects. The new procedures has already been tested during the recent emergency interventions and so far, we are quite satisfied with the new working modalities.

Watch the Webinar with an introduction to the new humanitarian SOP's via this link to Vimeo, using the password: DRCHumSOP