MADAD signed between DG NEAR and DRC

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On 31/3-2017 we finally received the news from Brussels that the MADAD contract had been signed by DG NEAR. The total contract value is 53 million EURO and thereby the largest EU contract RC/RC has ever received. The partnership is to provide 7% in co-financing to the programme. The negotiations for this contract have been going on since February 2016 and intensified from August 2016 when the file was moved to the Finance and Contract team in Brussels. We are very grateful for this generous donation from the EU. It enables us over the next three years to assist one million vulnerable Syrian refugees, internally displaced and people in host communities in countries surrounding Syria, who are in desperate need. 


The regional programme will support the RC/RC movement’s efforts to support Syrian refugees and host communities in Iraq, Egypt, Jordan, Lebanon and Turkey. The Main object of programme:“Contribute to improved wellbeing, resilience and peaceful co-existence among vulnerable refugee and host communities in countries affected by the Syria crisis, contributing to overall stability in the region.” The programme has three main outcomes focusing on self-reliability and resilience, health and psychosocial support, and capacity building of Host National Societies. A wide range of activities will be introduced to achieve these outcomes, depending on the specific situation in each of the countries. The programme will support different groups (host communities, IDPs and refugees) with a wide range of services. The activities will cover provision of livelihood trainings, community contingency planning, first aid trainings, social cohesion, community development projects, health education, emergency health, health care, campaigns, PSS activities, voluntary moments and much more. RC/RC is already very much present in the region assisting Syrian refugees and internally displaced people. But with this donation we are able to increase our assistance significantly and reach an event larger group of vulnerable people. The estimated number of direct beneficiaries: 997.207. The budget distribution per country will be: Turkey 66%, Lebanon 16%, Iraq 8%, Jordan 6%, Egypt 2% and Regional 2%.

While DRC is the overall lead and responsible for the contract vis-à-vis the EU MADAD Trust Fund, DRC is not responsible for all components of the programme. The implementation responsibility is shared among 14 RC/RC partners in a combination of European National Societies and Host National Societies in the five countries. DRC has specific technical activity level responsibility in Jordan, Iraq and Lebanon, mainly in PSS, capacity building and community projects.

For further questions, please contact Tina Breum Mariegaard


Here is the MADAD team in September in a workshop where the proposal was revised before final submission to EU:

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