Joint Initiative Meeting with IFRC, ICRC, PS Reference Centre, Swedish Red Cross & Danish Red Cross

A joint initiative meeting was held on Wednesday 21 June 2017 at DRC HQ in Copenhagen to discuss the Mental Health and Psychosocial Support (MHPSS) resolution that is to be adopted at the Council of Delegates in November 2017. The MHPSS resolution is a joint initiative by IFRC, ICRC, PS Reference Centre, Swedish Red Cross and Danish Red Cross, supported by other National Societies, that seeks to strengthen the Movement’s work on MHPSS. The resolutions calls for greater attention and priority to MHPSS to address the existing mental health and psychosocial needs that arise in a variety of situations, including armed conflict, natural disasters and other emergencies. The resolution also recognizes the importance of addressing the mental and psychosocial needs of volunteers and staff. Furthermore, the resolution calls for a policy framework to harmonize approaches and find common ground within the Movement, which is to be presented and adopted at the Council of Delegates in 2019.


During the joint initiative meeting, interesting and fruitful discussions took place, and the draft resolution and background note was agreed upon. Content and ideas for an interactive format for a MHPSS workshop that will also take place at the Council of Delegates in November to further engage National Societies in the discussions were also pitched. The workshop will seek to engage all participants by innovative means of engagement to shed light on the variety of experiences, approaches and needs in the area of MHPSS. The participants from the Joint Initiative Meeting will meet next time in August for further planning and preparations for the Council of Delegates 2017. If you cannot wait for the Council of Delegates, please have a look at the following video from Iraq produced by the Finnish Red Cross for inspiration on MHPSS:


For further information, please contact Louise Piel McKay at or Iben Gejl Valbak