There is hope for AX

Introducing a new finance system, can be a painful and difficult process for both staff and organizations, changing the main tool for finance can create temporary chaos!

As we approach the final goodbye to Navision in Danish Red Cross, we knew in Asia that we HAD to face this challenge and introduce a new finance system (AX) to the Country Offices in Cambodia, Pakistan, Nepal and Myanmar. Finance is not a forgiving size, EVEN in the hours of changing everything, we still have to keep the money flowing, so we don’t delay project activities, the donors still want reporting on time and we still need to reimburse your travel costs.

Fortunately we did not experience financial chaos in Asia while introducing a new finance system! Since January 2017 AX is implemented in five countries and all users keep a smile on their face. I think this is due to two success factors; excellent support from the AX super-user at Regional Office and open-minded staff at Country Offices and the benefits the system offers, such as increased transparency in financial transaction.

As the system is web-based anyone with log in to AX can live follow the status on a project, regardless if we sit in Copenhagen, Phnom Penh or Islamabad. 

Before introduction of AX we always had a headache when reporting against the budget, as no one would remember if this cost related to output 1 or 3! Now it is all sorted at the moment of booking each transaction, as ALL transactions are booked under the output and activity it relates to.

From a Regional Finance Delegate perspective the project has been very interesting to implement - on one hand assuring improvements and changes in the system in cooperation with HQ and on the other hand assure that all new users feel comfortable with the change by giving support, training and making understandable guidelines.

There are still many areas where AX can be improved to be even better, more user-friendly and create higher transparency and increased effectivity. So I am glad that HQ also invests time in improving the system for the future. I am looking forward to the cooperation and sharing the fruits with the finance organisation in Asia.

By Regional Finance Delegate Maja Gram

 Asia 1

Big smiles and thumbs up - Asia Regional Finance team work hard to implement AX in Asia and develop the system in cooperation with HQ (from top left corner: Bjarke Skaanning, Monivann Nop, Rasmey Ton, Maja Gram, Siden Soth, Monirath Kim, Nary Va)


Asia 2 (1)

Deep concentration - Myanmar, Nepal and Pakistan Country Office leaning how to use AX