Consortium with Danish, Finnish and Icelandic Red Cross in Malawi involves Youth Departments in Cooperation

The DRC led Consortium in Malawi with Finnish Red Cross, Icelandic Red Cross and Italian Red Cross has initiated a youth collaboration involving sending youth volunteers from the consortium countries to Malawi to kick start and support the implementation of a youth component. Danish Red Cross Youth (DRCY) was in Malawi on a scoping mission in end May and carried out an idea development workshop with Malawi Red Cross Society. The future work will be framed as the IFRC Youth Engagement Strategy with three sections: Youth as beneficiaries,  Youth as volunteers and Youth as leaders.  DRCY has developed a proposal to Danish Youth Council for support for 3 Danish Volunteers and 3 Malawian volunteers to work on the implementation of the project together with two volunteers from Finland and one from Iceland (TBC). The volunteers will be posted in districts with two Nordic and a Malawian youth working as a teams.